Keep your Pinterest account safe and secure by following these provided steps !!

Pinterest is popularly known for its sharing community where people can easily share their pictures with one another. But, whenever the users of Pinterest are sharing their images on this site they somewhat get concerned about its security. So, for this purpose there are various ways through which the users can secure their Pinterest account and can even contact the Pinterest customer service regarding this topic.


So, some of the ways by which the Pinterest account can be secured are :


No pin option : by embedding the NO pin option the users can secure their account. In this option the users will get a code which will further help them in keeping their account safe and secure. To add the code the users need to copy the particular code to the top or the head section of their website’s HTML.

Keep the account private : users of Pinterest can use the private boards and can secure their account. For doing this :

- select on the profile option.

- go to the bottom of the board.

- create secret board for the account.


Clean the Pinterest account : With this feature the users can easily block and report users who are creating issues for them. Users can simply control their account by keeping an eye on the account and its security measures.


Furthermore, if the users of Pinterest face any issues regarding these steps or are still having problems in their security menu then they can directly talk with the concerned representatives who are available on the Pinterest support number. This number can be reached out all through the day by the users.