How Do I Get My Verification Code for iCloud?

There are incidents when iCloud accounts getting hacked. Many people are associated with this hacking job; they want to get into your account without proper permission. You will get your verification code after you have entered your Apple ID. Then you need to get into the verification code to complete your login. In accordance with iCloud Customer Service, you need two things among these three (we have listed below) for getting your verification code.


1.        A trusted device

2.        Your account password

3.        A Recovery Key


Check bellow some easy steps for how to get verification code for iCloud:-


1.        Go to Apple's My Apple ID page

2.        Hit [Manage My Apple ID]

3.        You will be asked to enter your Apple ID along with the password.

4.        Make your account sign in now

5.        Navigate [Password and Security]

6.        Here you will have to answer some security questions

7.        Go to the top of [Manage Your Security Settings]

8.        It will give you information about your Two-Step Verification

9.        Click it to get started


Apple will check whether it is malicious or not. So, the changes may take three days. Do not worry. It is a safety precaution only. You are likely to receive a confirmation email after the defined duration. To work with it, you need to sign in with two-step verification. Your phone should be SMS-capable. This Recovery Key is very important. No other way is there for you to access your Apple account if the recovery key is lost. You should not forget the contribution of iCloud Support Number in order to get the verification code. It is a certified customer care which is outstanding in helping the users. The iCloud care is instrumental in catering a complete range of services asked by esteemed iCloud users. It has an effortless approach which follows international standards and maintains six sigma methodologies.