How to manually create folders and move files in iCloud within a specific time period?

To avail the best features of iCloud you must be a registered user of iCloud. It is designed and developed by of the renowned company Apple Inc. which works as a cloud storage and cloud computing server. The determined services of apple incorporation are supported in apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac etc. Company introduces various range of best features time to time, if you contact iCloud customer support then you will be getting all the updated information. This customer service is one of the best acclaimed customer service in the marketplace. Multiple sources are available by following whom you can easily contact the relevant person who can resolve your all confusions.


Step-By-Step featured process to create folders manually and move files in iCloud:


  • In the very beginning you need to open the iCloud Drive app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You will see the Select option on the top right corner of the screen which need to be clicked.
  • Click on the New Folder option in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Now in this step users are recommended to provide appropriate name for the folder.
  • Hit the Create option to move for further and now your folder is created manually.

Even after adapting all the above steps properly you are not getting the expected results then you are highly invited on the support service of the company. User’s support services are the only place where any needy user can put their query if they wish to have proper solution. If you visit the official website of the company then you will easily find iCloud phone number and by calling on this number you can grab proper assistance.