How to get Hotmail Notification on Desktop?

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Hotmail Desktop notification

Microsoft knows how much important a mail can be for you. So it is working day and night to make hotmail a better and best email service. So Microsoft has started desktop notification service for hotmail messages. It can be directly accessed from the toolbar of the browser.

This new feature is as like the feature of Microsoft outlook. The users who uses outlook will be familiar with this feature and therefore will be attracted towards hotmail service too.

How to start Hotmail Desktop Notification?

To start the desktop notification feature, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Sign in to Hotmail in internet explorer and open the Inbox. Now, drag the Hotmail tab from the address bar in IE down to the taskbar, and drop it there.
  • After you have pinned Hotmail in the toolbar, you can directly access and check your email by clicking on the icon.
  • You may get in direct contact with our support team by dialing hotmail help desk number for all other hotmail related issues.