How to fix icloud error 400?

Icloud is an Apple service provided to every Apple product user. A person with an Apple device always have an icloud account. If there are more than one apple devices then this icloud account will be common to all the devices. So that is why it is very important that the features and functions of icloud should be synced with every device or visa versa. If any of the entity is not synchronized then it will show an error. One of the common icloud error is Error 400. This error happens if the calendar is not synchronized with the icloud account. User can do following things if such error comes :

  1. Initially, check all the devices that the login credentials of icloud are same or not .
  2. Make sure that devices are configured to set date and time automatically. This can be done by going through Settings , then icloud then icloud Drives, Documents &Data then Toggle to ON.
  3. Now user can go for forced sync. Tap on the Calendar app icon.
  4. On the next page or screen, press and hold for a little till the activity icon appears. Release the page.
  5. The activity icon will spin and within few seconds, the calendar will get synchronized.

User can also try to reset the calendar using following steps:

  1. Take a backup of the Calendar and then disable it.
  2. Now go to Library.
  3. Then go to Preferences and then tap on
  4. Again tap on Library then preferences then
  5. Move all to desktop.
  6. Restart the system.

For any technical help, contact with the icloud customer service. The experienced executives will provide best solutions in minimum possible time. User can even call at the icloud support number to get instant solutions.