How Do I Get My Verification Code for iCloud?

There are incidents when iCloud accounts getting hacked. Many people are associated with this hacking job; they want to get into your account without proper permission. You will get your verification code after you have entered your Apple ID. Then you need to get into the verification code to complete your login. In accordance with iCloud Customer Service, you need two things among these three (we have listed below) for getting your verification code.


1.        A trusted device

2.        Your account password

3.        A Recovery Key


Check bellow some easy steps for how to get verification code for iCloud:-


1.        Go to Apple's My Apple ID page

2.        Hit [Manage My Apple ID]

3.        You will be asked to enter your Apple ID along with the password.

4.        Make your account sign in now

5.        Navigate [Password and Security]

6.        Here you will have to answer some security questions

7.        Go to the top of [Manage Your Security Settings]

8.        It will give you information about your Two-Step Verification

9.        Click it to get started


Apple will check whether it is malicious or not. So, the changes may take three days. Do not worry. It is a safety precaution only. You are likely to receive a confirmation email after the defined duration. To work with it, you need to sign in with two-step verification. Your phone should be SMS-capable. This Recovery Key is very important. No other way is there for you to access your Apple account if the recovery key is lost. You should not forget the contribution of iCloud Support Number in order to get the verification code. It is a certified customer care which is outstanding in helping the users. The iCloud care is instrumental in catering a complete range of services asked by esteemed iCloud users. It has an effortless approach which follows international standards and maintains six sigma methodologies. 

Troubleshooting Guide For The Gmail Usage In Iphone

If you feel problems in using the gmail service on the iphone then you need not worry because this article explains some of the reasons as well as the solutions to make the gmail work without any glitches. You can also contact the Gmail customer service 24/7 for smooth working of the account. The simple points written below will help you to resolve your issue:-


  • If you feel that even after entering the correct password you are not able to open your gmail then you may be having the issue with the website and hence you should try to visit the official site of the gmail.
  • Followed by checking for the alerts available. So if you access gmail app on the iphone then it may not solve your problem in the better way and hence you need to visit the site on the computer.
  • And then you need to login to your account with the help of the user name and the password.
  • Then you need to open the alert box or the email in your inbox to check whether some one has tried sign in to your account or not.
  • If you find something like that then you have to simply click on the link inside that may be saying review your devices now.
  • Other thing that you can try is to review your recent devices on to the google website.
  • After opening the website you have to go to the device activity and notification option and then if you found the messages of the tried sign in by other devices then you can block them for future.
  • You can also try to do the captcha reset since this will unlock some of your google’s security features so that the new devices could also connect to your gmail.
  • You can also try to review the settings of the allow the access to the account option.
  • If the issue still persist then you have to first of all make sure that the IMAP is enabled since this will not let you to get your email from the server of the gmail.
  • If this also does work out your problem then you can simply try to remove the existing account of the gmail from your iphone or ipad and then you need to set up the gmail account once again.


Doing this will most probably solve your issue and if not then you have to try to simply give a call on the Gmail help number.


Hotmail is the account that is officially used by the millions of users to deal with the products and the services of the Microsoft company since it is the official account of the Microsoft company. The company considers the users at the priority and hence provides the Hotmail customer support in case you wish to know about any of the feature of the Hotmail that you are not able to use.

So in case you also own the Microsoft product then you simply have to first of take some mandatory actions to create an account on Hotmail or which is nowadays called as the outlook account. Once you make an account on the official site of the Microsoft then you easily get the access to the account and hence could set up your device properly.

You can manage the Hotmail account completely as per your choice like in case you wish to change the display name on the Hotmail account then you simply have to follow the below written steps with care:-


  • you simply have to first of all login to your Hotmail account by using the login credentials i.e your Hotmail account email address as well as the password.
  • After that you have to simply click on the username that is easily present on to the top right corner of your page.
  • Followed by choosing the edit profile option and then you have to simply click on the edit link option that is present on to the next of your current name.
  • After that you have to just enter the new first name or even the last name that you wish to display for your account.
  • And then you have to simply click on the save button so that the changes that you have made could take place.

So these are the easy steps that need to be followed in order to change the name of the Hotmail account and just in case you feel that you are not able to do so then you can easily seek the help by calling on the Hotmail phone number. You will get the right guidance from the very right person and that too in comparatively lesser time.

How to manually create folders and move files in iCloud within a specific time period?

To avail the best features of iCloud you must be a registered user of iCloud. It is designed and developed by of the renowned company Apple Inc. which works as a cloud storage and cloud computing server. The determined services of apple incorporation are supported in apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac etc. Company introduces various range of best features time to time, if you contact iCloud customer support then you will be getting all the updated information. This customer service is one of the best acclaimed customer service in the marketplace. Multiple sources are available by following whom you can easily contact the relevant person who can resolve your all confusions.


Step-By-Step featured process to create folders manually and move files in iCloud:


  • In the very beginning you need to open the iCloud Drive app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You will see the Select option on the top right corner of the screen which need to be clicked.
  • Click on the New Folder option in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Now in this step users are recommended to provide appropriate name for the folder.
  • Hit the Create option to move for further and now your folder is created manually.

Even after adapting all the above steps properly you are not getting the expected results then you are highly invited on the support service of the company. User’s support services are the only place where any needy user can put their query if they wish to have proper solution. If you visit the official website of the company then you will easily find iCloud phone number and by calling on this number you can grab proper assistance.

How to get back the Hotmail emails on iPad?

Hotmail is renowned email service provider with millions of user round the world. Services provides are rated among the top and can be access across all devices. Sync the email account in iPhone, iPad or any other device and get instant mail notifications. Also user can configure the email account with other services and have access to the emails.

Now while accessing Hotmail emails in iPad user have clicked on the delete option and the email is gone. Emails can be retrieved easily and nothing to worry about it. Get to know about the recovery steps in this article and retrieve the emails. It’s just matter of time and user can get back the deleted email easily. In case there is any trouble in the process contact Hotmail customer service to get advanced assistance.


Here are the steps to recover the deleted emails on iPad –

  • Open the iPad and click on ‘Mail’ app from the home screen.
  • On the upper left corner tap on ‘Mailboxes’.
  • Next click on the ‘Trash’ icon.
  • From the top right corner tap on ‘Edit’ button and select the emails to be restored or moved back to inbox.
  • User need to tap on the ‘Move’ button now.
  • Next tap on ‘Inbox’ to move selected emails from Trash to inbox.

User can also retrieve the deleted emails from the Hotmail account if the user have been accessing Hotmail account through web. Look for the ‘recover deleted messages’ option in the Hotmail account once user enter the ‘Deleted’ folder. Once that is clicked Hotmail will retrieve as many emails possible to the deleted folder.

For more help into this matter contact the support expert over Hotmail help number. Best technical troubleshooting steps will be provided to solve all the issues. Get the best assistance any time user in stuck with any Hotmail email trouble.

Are you unable to get hold of the Internet Explorer pop up virus issue?

How to fix Internet Explorer pop up virus?

You may be using your Internet Explorer browser to get almost all the important tasks done. But did it recently started to give pop up virus issues? If yes then this is the perfect place to be at as easy assistance is offered to such issues on an instant basis. Here one can get multiple ways to fix one issue. One is through direct contact through the experts of the domain which can get by availing services from the Internet Explorer customer service. They have been offering high quality troubleshooting steps to the users for decades and can now easily fix any of such kind of issues in the first call itself. So this is really beneficial for the novice users who do not have any idea to troubleshoot or fix such kind of issues. Apart from this there is another way through which such issues can be easily resolved. The process is known as the self way and can be easily followed by the users who have sound knowledge in the technical domain. They can easily go down the below mentioned tutorial and get one stop solution to fix the issue.

Steps to fix Internet Explorer pop up virus issue:

Step 1: First of open your Internet Explorer browser and locate to the gear icon from the top right corner and then again click on Internet Options from the list of available options.

Step 2: Now from the Internet Options dialog box users can click on the Advanced tab and after having done that users can click on the Reset button.

Step 3: Users can now select Delete Personal Settings from the Reset Internet Explorer settings section and then they can click on the Reset button.

Step 4: When all the tasks have been completed then users can click on the Close button and then they can close their browser and open again to ensure that the issue is fixed and they can now enjoy uninterrupted browsing experience.

Is the troubleshooting of the issue tending to be complicated?

Don’t feel low or bad just because you haven’t been able to follow the above mentioned steps. There is again an alternative and best solution to this from the certified technicians or the experts of the domain. They can dial the 24/7 Internet Explorer support number on an immediate basis and get instant troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. Remote assistance can be used for troubleshooting such kind of issues.

How to recover deleted emails from

Bellsouth Email-Recover Deleted Emails

People are accessing number of mail accounts today but really hard to know that which one will be the best. Every mail application lacks somewhere because there is absence of required feature. Bellsouth is the efficient platform from which the communication can be done effectively. It has adequate features that helps users to work efficiently. With the help of it,one may perform multiple tasks. But for certain situations,when user needs immediate help,they need to connect with Bellsouth customer service team immediately.

 Issues that has been solved by Bellsouth customer service team:

  1. Why the required file has not been attached while composing email?
  2. How the Internet connectivity get lost while opening the mail account?
  3. Why the bellsouth mail account is not responding?
  4. How the hacked account problem will get solve in Bellsouth?
  5. How may I do the configuration of the bellsouth account?
  6. How may I merge Bellsouth email with Outlook?
  7. How may I remove certain contacts from my mail account?
  8. Is it possible to improve the security of bellsouth account?


People may have resolved several issues. Here,individual may see the solution for one:


What is the method to recover bellsouth deleted emails?

  • First users should click “Trash” from the folder list
  • It is time to select message that user wants to recover
  • Users should now choose the option for “ Move”
  • However,user should choose the folder to which they want to move their message to
  • Now,there is need to look that whether the problem get solve or not

Those who still have some problem with the above solved issue,they need to connect with support team immediately. To contact with support team,there is need to Bellsouth support number. After dialing it,individual will be in direct contact of the experts. Online experts will first try to understand user's problem and then suggest them with some useful solution. Users will even charge with some amount of fee,it will be too little to pay by anybody.

People may find other ways for availing help. These are the tutorials and guides that are available online. It is totally free and could be accessed with the help of Internet.