Know about the fixes of Outlook not receiving email

Outlook is a product of Microsoft and is a suite containing contacts, webmail, and tasks etc. that are web-based. The features of Outlook are that it provides security/privacy to the emails, it has an active view of all the data, it is integrated with Skype and there are many more services provided by Outlook.

Although it a very efficient and effective application of Microsoft, there may be some issue which affects the working. The general issue that the user faces is of Outlook not receiving emails. Below listed are the ways by which we can check the reason and issues of not receiving the emails:

Check Junk email

The user can try checking the Junk email folder for searching the email that was expected to be in the inbox of the user. Usually the email can be found be here but if not then the next step is performed.

Search for today messages

In case, if the emails are automatically sorted by Outlook, then there is a possibility of message being moved to another location or got deleted. The user can try by searching the email in the subfolders that has today’s emails. It can be done by disabling the rules and sorting of the Outlook. Then, the user can ask the sender to send the email again.

Check 3rd party anti-spam tools

If the user has installed a virus scanner which usually integrates the Outlook emails or work as ‘mail proxy’ by scanning the message before it reaches the user in the inbox, it should be disabled or uninstalled. By doing so, the user cannot solve the problem but it will put the user’s email and system to risk. So, for this, only the mail module should be disabled.

Collecting email on multiple systems

The user might have installed the mail in different systems. So, the mailbox of all the systems should be checked in order to check if it is showing up in any one the system. If it is there on any one, the Outlook on other systems can be updated.

Check web mailbox

There may be a possibility of Outlook not receiving the emails. In this case, the user can try looking for the email on the webpage. If it is there, the Outlook needs to be synced again with the web mailbox.

Sender check the outbox

In case, my Outlook isn’t receiving emails, the sender might have sent the email but if it is not received by the user, then there may be a possibility that it is still in the sender’s outbox. So, it should also be checked.

In case, if the user is still facing any issue after performing these steps, the technical support department can be contacted. The contact info about the same is mentioned on the official webpage of the Outlook.


How to fix your computer after spilling water on it?

Spilled water on your computer and don’t know what to do? Well, don’t fret out as you can easily fix this issue by following simple steps provided in this article or you can also reach out to computer tech support to resolve this mess quickly before it causes any further damage to your computer. So, follow the simple instructions provided below in order to save your computer.

Steps to fix spilled water on computer issue:

  • To solve this issue, you are required to detach all devices connected to your computer.
  • Further, try to dry the surface by using a plain cloth. You can also try holding your computer upside down so the water comes quickly without any further damage.
  • After that, keep it aside to dry.
  • Once your computer is completely dry, try to restart your computer.
  • If your computer starts normally then, it is completely fine and if not, follow the below steps.

If your computer still shows some issues or is not working properly:

In such cases, you can reach out to online computer tech support to get the necessary assistance to fix this issue. You can either reach out to the tech support by using their official number or through live chat support. Just submit your query and you will be provided with the solutions from experienced techs.

Further, you can also reach out to them 24x7 to seek assistance for such kind of issues. The experienced techs are trained in such a way that they can provide the best solutions even from the remote locations.

So, next time whenever you face such issues, simply follow the instructions provided or reach out to tech support for assistance.


What to do to fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0b? Gain a basic recommendation:

Are you experiencing an error Outlook error 0x800cc0b? Have you tried to fix it soon but you did not get success? Do you really want an instant solution but don’t know what to do? First of all, let me inform you that you are at the best place where you will learn something important fact related to the Outlook email account that helps you to fix the Outlook receiving common errors in a very simple, efforts and optimistic manner.  We are skilled in a team where you can find out the perfect solution to get the issue fixed in no time.

MS Outlook is one of the most largely used email Application used in terms of sending and receiving emails from the clients quite easily. But sometimes users unable to manage their webmail account and look for the better help and try to send an email, than Outlook shows an error message 0x800ccob.

This kind of the error generally arises due to wrong SMTP server details. This is a problem that comes from the SMTP mail server that helps to send an email account instantly. If you are still in the skeptical and don’t know how to fix the problem and don’t know the cause of the issues. At this, you can make a call at Outlook phone number which is available at a very short span of the time.  

Here on, we are providing a solution based on knowing the cause of the issue and providing a solution significantly.

Below mentioned causes can help you to resolve your problem instantly.

  • Microsoft Outlook email clients are misconfigured.
  • ISP service is blocking access to port 25.
  • DNS issue found in your ISP.
  • An error with SMTP on one of our servers

Get Solution:

  • First of all, open your Outlook email account and go to the settings button.
  • Select the tool menu and click on email account button and press on the done button.
  • Click on other option and a select pop-up window that will appear, now click on more settings button
  • Click on outgoing button and press on server button and select SMTP mail server.
  • Check out the box which is required and go to the Outgoing mail server and select the authentication file
  • Enter the correct email address and password and press sign in button and click on the inbox button.
  • Click on the compose button and write something important to send a mail to someone.
  • If your mail has been sent, your problem has been resolved successfully.

For more help and information, you can visit Outlook customer service center which is available at every point of the time to get the issue fixed in no time.


What is The Most Easy Way to Set Up An iCloud Drive on IPhone?

People are using iCloud drive on different iOS device and getting benefits. It doesn’t create any trouble but you can’t just avoid some situations. To get help at such occasions, it is better if you connect with technical support team. Not only any specific issue but other threats can also get solved within certain time span.

Lists of issues have been resolved by iCloud customer service experts. Here, you can see the solution to one:

How to set up icloud drive on iphone?

  • It is required for you to introduce the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad that is running iPhone
  • Click the option to “iCloud.”
  • Select the option to “iCloud Drive.”
  • You need to turn on the option for iCloud Drive.
  • Now, you will receive a popup that is warning if you have other iOS operating devices which are not currently accessing iCloud Drive.
  • Also, you need to see if the problem has been resolved completely

If you didn’t find the solution to the issue helpful to you, it is better if you contact customer service team by using iCloud support number. After you use it, there is direct opportunity to connect with the team of experts. Tech support engineers will give you better guidance for the bugs that has been faced by you. If you are taking assistance from live experts, you will be charged with certain fee, ie, Too little to pay by anybody. When the solution will not be satisfactory, you don’t need to pay anything in exchange. There is no specific time to contact experts; they can be contacted anytime depending upon requirement.

Meanwhile, there are other important modes by which you can obtain help. There are options like live chat and email service. Both are applicable options for you, you can select any of them depending upon your requirement. If you want to chat with experts, it can do easily. When you want to use email service, you can do email to the team of experts.

What are the facts that support the reason to contact team of experts?

  • Tech support engineers can be contacted by using toll free number
  • Username and password account errors can be resolved easily
  • Number of plans is there to use by account holders
  • Data storage can be done effectively and the speed of the work will never slow down
  • There are certified group of engineers to give you better assistance
  • Tech experts can be contacted from anywhere in the world
  • Support team is highly authorized and certified to provide you the best solution



How to recover deleted emails from properly?

Bellsouth is much known Telecommunication Company of America. It is a subsidiary of AT&T Corporation. Since the company has been involved in providing out-of-the-box internet and email service which associated millions of people till now thus confines several defaults.  People are recommended to take support from Bellsouth customer service at any instant of flaws. Bellsouth is highly renowned email service which helps people to communicate with others sitting at two different locations. The most common queries comes in bulk is how to recover deleted emails in Bellsouth.

Step-by-step approach for recovering the deleted emails in Bellsouth:

  • In the very first step you have to search your missing mails in Trash folder and check other folders as well.
  • If not finding your mails then login into AT&T account.
  • Start navigating on “Missing emails support page” when you logged in.
  • Now you are required to fill the form on the page and submit.
  • Since you are already logged into your account thus system will get the information that you are looking for missing emails.
  • Now answer the question “when did you notice that messages are missing”.
  • Provide the date on below blank space.
  • Fill up some information and click on “Submit”.
  • When you get done with submission, you will receive a mail from which will confirm whether your account could be recovered.

After following these steps you will definitely get the assured solution for the deleted emails. There are so many people who do not understand the written process and therefore they need some voice support. In that case users are recommended to call on Bellsouth support number and that is for free of cost.

How to change my alternate email address on Outlook?

Outlook is the email account in daily use today. It both used for personal and commercial purposes. There are various security checks and parameters that need to be mentioned at the time of account registration like alternate email address and phone number. These details help recovery of the Outlook emails at the time of lost account password scenario. The alternate email address is the gateway to recovery of you email account.

The alternate address of Outlook can be changed or altered from account settings. New users have often come up Outlook customer service for the assistance to change the alternate email address. From the Outlook account settings all necessary changes can be made. This article will provide steps for changing the alternate email details on accounts page. Take help of the expert professionals if you are not able to change the details of your own.

Here are the steps to change the alternate email address on Outlook –

  • First login to the Outlook account and get into the home page.
  • After the login, click on the ‘Options’ link at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Now click on ‘More Options’ link appearing at the bottom.
  • Click on the ‘Account details’ link underneath ‘Managing your account’. It will take you to the page that will be displaying details including the name, required attributes, and ‘Password reset information’.
  • Click on the ‘Add’ link to add a new email address in the place of present email address. Re-type the new password once more.
  • Once the changes are done, click on ‘Save’.

This is the easy way to change the alternate email address from the Outlook account page. There are also other methods or processes to change the alternate email details and for that you need to contact the Outlook technical experts. Dial Outlook phone number for easy assistance. The helpline number can be the lifeline at certain occasions when the user doesn’t get any way to resolve the account trouble. 

Completely extensive solution to fix Gmail signature too long error

How to fix Gmail signature too long error in systematic way?

User may be fed of recurring error of   gmail signature too long that appears on screen. User may receive notification message on screen that please try shorter signature to complete process. In such situation user can seek fantabulous solution from Gmail customer service.

·         User is required to hit click on signature box option

·         Furthermore, user is required to hit click on Ctrl+ A to choose everything in proper manner

·         User is required to press on delete option on keyboard that appears on screen

·         User is required to manually enter signature once again and hit click on save option

Another approach that user can try is user can even install free email signature browser extension to allow maximum limit of 10,000 characters in specific manner

·         User can even look for short link mode by following few couple of instructions as described below:

1.      User is required to hit click on profile option in gmail

2.      Furthermore, user is required to hit click on setting option

3.      Now user is required to hit click on legal disclaimer to save characters in relevant manner.

User is required to place call on Gmail customer service number to get outstanding resolution in trouble free manner. Technical expertise are highly qualified to render satisfactory solution in cost effective manner. User can place call on toll free number flashing on web portal to render dexterous solution in robust manner. Be ready to procure wonderful solution 24/7 in feasible manner today at doorstep.